Skincare products aren’t created equal! 

Every product in our portfolio has been tested by our team of skincare specialists. We believe that good skincare provides the foundation for healthy skin, and that healthy skin is best achieved with the use of ethical and effective medical-grade products. 

The right skincare product should optimise your skin’s health, promote rejuvenation, protect the skin and prevent damage. We recommend products to patients based on individual suitability to ensure the best results. Our products are available as standalone treatments or as part of a wider treatment plan — whichever path you prefer, we hope to join you on your skincare journey.

We love discovering new products, but we’re also committed to caring for the environment, so we request that you do not send us your product samples without a written request from us, please. For all partnership enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or by calling the clinic on 020 3086 8066.

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