Our treatments are informed by our less-is-more mindset and dedication to providing you with a highly personalised skincare regimen. Our portfolio has been designed by our experienced medical team to enhance your natural beauty and address your skin concerns, incorporating the latest technological innovations from all over the world. Because your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us, all treatments are preceded by an in-depth consultation with a BAE practitioner. In this consultation, we will ascertain your needs and answer any questions you may have before formulating a skincare treatment that addresses your requirements in a way that you are comfortable with.

Unsure where to begin? No problem at all: to arrange a bespoke consultation to discuss your best treatment options based on your skin health, routine, lifestyle and wellbeing, please phone 02030868066, or send us an email.

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Our wrinkle smoothing treatments Botox® are designed to temporarily relax facial muscles to address areas of concern, reducing the appearance of dynamic and static lines and wrinkles, and revealing refreshed, a more youthful appearance.

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We can use anti-wrinkle injections to treat such issues as crow’s feet, bunny lines, chin dimpling, brow/frown lines, gummy smile and saggy jawline, as well as more complex areas, including the corners of the mouth or neck bands.

A cosmetic solution that is subtle, long-lasting and non-invasive, wrinkle smoothing procedures usually take full effect within two weeks, however, you will often see visible results in a matter of days. 


Results can last anywhere between six and nine months — please note, some patients may find they need a minimal touch up or revision to achieve the intended effect. For this reason, we offer all clients a complimentary top-up service within 12 days of your initial treatment.


Starts at £200

0% Finance available allowing you to budget effectively.